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With the summer bag is particularly important, maybe your clothing is not very well, but with a bright bags immediately lit the whole body, let you become the focus of attention. Have a look these lovely bright bag, let your dress collocation more wonderful. With a blue bag dotting the demonstration: navel short shirt + white high waisted trousers + white + black color cusp leather shoes chain bag, and a refreshing sexy dress, simple and elegant, blue blouse Replica Handbags with navel bags and sunglasses with a very classic. Bag: army green eye with the model two two - piece dress + Color + yellow sandals rounded shoulder bag, the summer hit color collocation is definitely one of the means of suction eye, color sandals itself is very eye-catching, army green and bright yellow collocation gives visual impact. Model three: bag dotting with dark blue thin coat + white dress and white high-heeled Designer Replica Handbags sandals + blue and white printing leisure bags, deep blue windbreaker very low-key atmosphere, lift the temperament of a single product, silk printing and blue printing bag dotting, gives fresh feeling. Model four: bag dotting with red Halter Dress + white sandals + white envelope bag + blue sunglasses, although the clothes only a single red rose, but the white letters bags and blue sunglasses details hit color more wonderful.

As the official Louis Vuitton art director clothing brand post, Nicolas Ghesquiere brand luxury travel route and art together take over, just published early spring vacation series, Morocco Princess Princess Charlene support. The Louis Vuitton Replica first time in the history of fashion show held in Morocco Palace square. This is the Nicolas Ghesquiere took office after a series of second, continued with sixty's real last breath in the series, this time line is set to a seventy time, presented in a more relaxed and lively style, using a variety of color, and the magic of nature, the different attitude of coral into Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags pattern dependent on clothes there are caves and stone, the gap between the plants have become his design inspiration. Uneven edges and lines, a hollow circle details also become one of the series of mark, patent leather by adding a little cyber feeling and multiple interest for the series. Read after the show, through this series of concepts of snapshots, the infinite imagination far view at the Nicolas Ghesquiere.

Italy luxury brands Gucci Gucci confirmation will launch a series of cosmetics, brand creative director Frida Giannini told the WWD the first confirmed the news, saying Monaco will be the princess Charlotte Casiraghi spokesman, Charlotte Casiraghi has served as Gucci Gucci brand spokesman, and obtain brand sponsorship in the equestrian Gucci Replica competition. Introduction of cosmetics series was partly due to the fact that Gucci Gucci sales decline, according to no fashion Chinese network data, as of December 31, 2013 fiscal year, KER.PA recorded since the financial crisis the worst result, group under the main brand Gucci Gucci income fell 2.1% year-on-year to 3560800000 euros in fiscal year 2013, the fourth quarter was fell 5.5% to 941200000 euros. In March 31, 2014 year as of the first quarter, Gucci Gucci is not improved, first quarter sales fell 3.2% to 838000000 euros, a comparable basis Hermes Replica Handbags also recently recorded a growth of 0.3%, 0.5% less than analysts forecast. From the past year, luxury trend is clearly downward, due to the global economic recovery is slow, the luxury goods market in the low single digit growth, in the fast fashion and light and double under attack, the luxury market increasingly difficult. Including Burberry Burberry in Tmall and Giorgio Armani to A|X Armani Exchange into the fast fashion brands are showing this trend will spread in the future.

In the last week of 2014 fashion show in Dubai, "Lafayette" Carle Lagerfeld introduced Chanel new season of single product. Among them, dozens of handbags high-profile appearance has successfully attracted a lot of attention. Although the new clutch release and the focus is not the fashion show, but because of this new series of single Fake Chanel Bags goods very much in line with the overall feeling of the fashion show and acclaimed. This release of the new flagship white, black, handbags beige and gold, purple red and printing pattern also slightly involved. In addition to the new, for some of the more classical, Lafayette also re interpretation of the classic, such as clamshell packs add floral elements, use of Camellia elements, and gives the Boy series of double C logo handbag. Chanel 2014 Dallas Senior Workshop Series white shirt in the interpretation of Xun Zhou more Chanel Replica Handbags add a urban women able and atmospheric. With expansion of the shoulder line and waist design perfect stature ratio, let small she looked tall a lot. With classic diamond shaped style chain bag complement each other. Also from Chanel 2014 Dallas high hand workshop series of beige coat pocket, maintain brand design logo, Xun Zhou choose to use blue white skirt is nifty and lovely; nomadic folk style by her piercing the exquisite detail, it is choose the easy way out. With the imaginative senior Dallas Handmade Handbag accentuated the out of the ordinary fashion taste.

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